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Who we are: Anthro|Technology was founded in 2001 by one very underemployed but totally tech savvy cyberanthropologist, who thought, "Hey, people are generally paying a lot for really lousy computer service, and we can help them."


It is our mission to create order out of chaotic computer systems, without the use of expensive power tools. Most importantly we show you how to be technologically self-sufficient. We can not only do the task but we can instruct you in the process, thus minimizing your costs the next time the task arises.

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping the oppressed - the computer illiterate people of our society in need of sensible hands-on tech support with a human being.

Our process

Our consulting process isn't a grind. We access, recommend, advise, implement, train, support --- and most importantly we listen.

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure the appropriate technological implentation for your

particular small organizational practice or the self-employed.