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    Human consulting with an instructional bias. We can assist your organization in finding value in cloud systems by developing realistic solutions which meet your organization's objectives.

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    We provide eLearning with a human - applying a learner-centric approach, towards the goal of furthering your organization's ability to finding value in the cloud.

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    The advent of virtualization and cloud systems are game changers - is your organization ready to effectively leverage this revolution?

Anthro | Technology Services

We offer Education as a Service (EaaS) - human-based consulting with an instructional bias. EaaS utilizes student-centered and problem-based learning strategies to affect organizational change. We aim to facilitate agile development of both your applications and personnel. We're the very human interface to your technological and cloud computing concerns.

Our Work

As skilled educators, we know how to facilitate learning. By applying this learner-centric approach, an organization can better rethink its strategic endeavors, culminating in both faster and more effective decision making. That's particularly important as the organization embraces the various emerging cloud technologies. Building on one of the more popular clouding memes - we're here to encourage the agile development of both your employees and applications.

Agile Development for both your employees and applications


It is our mission to create order out of chaotic cloud systems, without the use of expensive power tools. Our mission is to assist your organization in determining its strategic customer, business and organizational objectives efficiently and to articulate and implement a cloud systems solution which addresses these objectives. We are dedicated to helping the oppressed - the cloud illiterate organization - in need of emerging cloud technologies.

Who We Are

The Cloud Consultant

AnthroTechnology, under the guidance of Muraco Kyashna-toch√°, a Microsoft Certified Professional, has provided technology consulting services for almost twenty years. Additionally, Muraco is MCSA certified as a Cloud Solutions Architect. She is versed in both Windows and Linux environments, and has Microsoft certifications in the mission-critical IT domain skills of Operating Systems, Networking and Security, Windows Server environments and Mobile Devices. Muraco has work experience as a network administrator, tech support staff and as a digital consultant.

The Educator

Muraco is an award-winning educator with extensive teaching experience at the high school, university and graduate school levels, both in the United State and abroad. Winner of the prestigious Excellence in Teaching Award at the University of Washington in 1992, she was the first UW instructor to require the use of email in a course. Her pedagogical focus has been on active learning strategies, student-centered approaches and problem-based project work, and she brings these theoretical understandings to every consulting session. Muraco believes this unique intersection of cloud systems architect, educator and anthropologist allows her an exceptional focus as a digital consultant. This is her "Education as a Service" (EaaS) perspective.

The Digital Anthropologist

Muraco is trained as a cultural anthropologist with a focus on digital or cyberanthropology. Anthropologists define culture as "shared ways of organizing reality" and the advent of the internet opened new ways to organize communities and organizational groups. For the first time in human history, the cyber age meant individuals could form communities solely based on like-minded-ness. One needn't even share the same language to form these digital communities - whether we're talking communities of tech workers or nascent democratic groups. Muraco believes that anthropological research can lead to more adaptive and improved technology from the human perspective. In the era of fake news and rising tech-induced inequality this authentic community-building might be exactly what our world needs.

What We Believe

IT World-view

The IT industry is changing and the pace only quickens. Virtualization, scalable clouds, agile development, distributed systems and containerization are revolutionizing all aspects of information technologies. Organizations seeking value, reliability, scale and availability must nimbly embrace these changes or wither. IT workers must also embrace these changes, learning new skills or find themselves obsolete. Management too must change their worldview if they are to facilitate a new organizational worldview. The successful leveraging of emerging technologies is rooted in an organization's embracing these new opportunities and digital transformations. The digital revolution is really about people.

Agile Development

Anthro | Technology employs the various clouding memes - most particularly agile development - as consulting guidelines.

Agile development, only first defined in 2001, is based on four main values:
1) Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
2) working software over comprehensive documentation
3) user collaboration over contract negotiation
4) responding to change over following a plan

Anthro | Technology's consulting process embodies these values. As cloud consultants we understand that we must build relationships with customers, users and team members as well as have the necessary experience designing and migrating applications to the cloud. As consultants we must stay up-to-date on the latest trends and issues - in order to facilitate the agile development of both the staff and applications.


Our consulting process isn't a grind. We access, recommend, facilitate learning, advise, implement, train, support --- and most importantly we listen. Please feel free to contact us today with your technology concerns.

  • Moving to Barcelona met shifting my attorney business. I had concerns about the security of my data and also needed assistance with the various regulatory issues. As a small business owner I don't have the time to select what might be appropriate for my business and wanted some pointers. Despite my resistance I've learned a lot about cloud computing and what it how it might allow my practice to grow. I would absolutely use Anthro.Technology's services again. Thanks Muraco!

    Sharon Blackford, Blackford Law - Barcelona
  • I had an emergency and needed immediate help. My domain, data and papers had been hijacked and obviously I need to recover everything immediately. I had no idea where to start and was extremely concerned that my professional reputation and digital presence was being held for ransom. Muraco was not only able to quickly recover all data, domains and my digital existence, but she also made sure I obtained the appropriate legal assistance, for which I am very grateful.

    Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggarwal, Cannabinologist - Seattle
  • I'm a remote cam specialist with experience working in construction tunnels. My firm needed a video database to be made globally available and very redundant. For a viriety of reasons we decided on the Azure platform but I didn't know where to begin. I considered myself an IT guy and was resistant to the devops model. Anthro.Technology appropriately shook up my worldview and dramatically decreased my expenditures.

    Kellin S., Remote Camera Specialist - Snohomish
  • I needed an elegant solution for accessing my data worldwide. I also needed real time analytics for when we're racing. I just wanted the solution I could forget about and I had worried that I would be upsold. Muraco helped me determine what my needs were and how best to reach my tech goals so I am back on the water where I belong.

    Jay Sharkey, Professional Sailor- Huntington Beach
  • My storage needs outgrew my in-house capacity. Moving to the cloud overwhelmed me and I also didn't want to lose control over the films in storage. The cloud seemed to offer possibilities but staff was struggling with the concepts. I didn't know what the hybrid cloud was but I now use it and we find it is a perfect for what we can afford. I have room to grow too. I liked the approach of only taking what is useful. I appreciate Muraco's efforts to get my staff up to speed with the new technology.

    Marvin Albert, Filmaker - Seattle
  • Quick, easy and painless! The fact everything was completed within a week was phenomenal. The bilingual website looks good too! Perfunctory thanks for all your help!

    Bill Bloxom, FCBloxom - Seattle, Yakima
  • We had a novel problem - how to process the huge amount of discovery data? We got an impressive quick elegant easy solution - scan, and OCR automatically. Data is now secured and we shredded a whole room of paper. Great database. Impressed my fellow attorneys too. Saved a bundle of money.

    Jeffrey Steinborn, Steinborn PLLC - Seattle

Education as a Service

Education as a Service - human-based consulting with an instructional bias - utilizes student-centered and problem-based learning strategies to affect organizational change. The Cloud computing meme brings with it multiple interactions across levels of scale - resulting in difficult to manage knowledge development.


Inducing your clients and your staff to take up your organization's technological approach may require an understanding that tech revolutions are fundamentally cultural revolutions. Thus, we acknowledge that tech revolutions bring increased social inequality - the exclusion of others from the knowledge base versus the concept of collective intelligence. A certain resistance can develop.


We need organizations - users and employees - to think in an inclusive intercultural and interdisciplinary manner, developing the ability to synthesize and extend a perception of time as one continuous movement - a cohesive concept of collective intelligence. In so doing an organization much better meets its goals. Agile development for both staff, clients and applications.

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